Signal Generators Calibration ServicesSignal Generators Calibration Services

Signal Generators Calibration Services

Kalashri Technical Pvt. Ltd. engaged in offering Signal Generator Calibration services.  Signal generators Calibration is used to test and arrange in a line all types of transmitters and receivers, to measure frequency, and to generate a signal, waveform, or noise source. Signal generator can use AC energy, auditory frequency (AF), and radio frequency (RF) to function.

They are also used to troubleshoot different electronic devices and to measure frequency. The purpose of a Signal generators Calibration service is to create alternating current (AC) of the desired frequencies and amplitudes with the essential modulation for testing or measuring circuits. It is important that the amplitude of the signal generate by the signal generator be correct.



In many signal generators, output meter are integrated in the equipment to adjust and maintain the output at standard levels over wide ranges of frequencies. When use the signal generator, the output test signal is connected to the circuit being tested. The progress of the test signal can then be track through the equipment by using electronic voltmeters or oscilloscopes. In many signal generators, calibrate networks of resistors, called attenuators, are provide.

Attenuators are used in signal generator to regulate the voltage of the output signal. Only exactly calibrated attenuators can be used because the signal strength of the generators must be regulated to avoid overloading the circuit receiving the signal.


Added specifications to consider when searching for signal generators and waveform generators include user interface, connections to the host, memory and storage, computer bus, display options, and environmental parameters.


Frequency characters that are important to consider when search for signal generators and waveform generators include:

  • maximum input channels
  • frequency range
  • frequency accuracy
  • frequency resolution
  • switching speed

Other Details:

  • It can be calibrated as per the requirements of our valued clients
  • Can be customized
  • Cost effective


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