Pressure Gauge Calibration ServicesPressure Gauge Calibration Services

Pressure Gauge Calibration Services

Pressure gauges are instruments used to measure the pressure of liquid or gaseous materials by calculating the force they would expert at a state of rest. The gauge displays the difference between the pressure in the region being measured and that of the surroundings, called the gauge pressure.

Importance of Pressure Gauge Calibration Services:

If you’re using a pressure gauge and require calibrating it, chances are there are multiple gauges of different types, with different pressure ranges, accuracy, precision and even output types (digital or analog).

Features of Pressure Gauge Calibration Services:

  • Steel and tungsten carbide raw material
  • Reliable operation
  • Superior performance


Why is Pressure Gauge Calibration Needed?

In industries, laboratories, and other commercial environments, pressure gauges are integral to processes and most common instruments in use. Pressure measurement is extremely essential to worker safety, and can be critical to product quality control. An inaccurate pressure gauge can guide to expensive product recalls or tragic workplace accidents, so reliable pressure gauge calibration is a pressing issue for any facility. Kalashri technical offer certified calibration services for pressure gauges of any type. We are providing the best range of pressure gauges calibration services in pune, Maharashtra, India.

  • Absolute pressure is calibrated on an absolute scale against a perfect vacuum, so it includes atmospheric pressure as well as gauge pressure
  • Gauge pressure is calibrated against ambient air pressure, so atmospheric pressure is not included in the reading
  • Differential pressure readings show the difference in pressure between two points, and can only be as accurate as the initial pressure readings

How to Calibrate Pressure Gauges?

The first thing to understand is that there is approximate no standardized method for pressure gauge calibration. The process employed usually depends on the intended use of the gauge the type of standard used for calibrating. Pressure gauges preserve be calibrated using a dead weight tester, standard pneumatic calibrator, or another suitable calibrator.


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